Preciados Street

Shopping is fun and the favorite pastime of many, it is something that not only women already enjoy. When you think of buying, certain places like London or New York come to mind, but if he decides to travel to Madrid on vacation, is that the city has it all. After a trip it is logical to take souvenirs or small gifts to acquaintances and Madrid won’t have any problem in finding something for everyone at any of the stores or shops of Madrid. Each has their own ideas of what you are looking for and in Madrid are sites for all tastes, whether it’s small antiques shops, there are gift shops that specialize in genres or simple flea markets that can be found everywhere. Gran Via for example, is the most exclusive shopping street of Madrid, it is worth a walk by there.

Holidays are for relaxing, Madrid offers shops that work until late at night, therefore, there is no need to hurry in the morning to avoid the closure of shops. Plaza Major has many jobs, and there you can buy products using the technique of barter, if on the contrary they call you attention flea markets, you don’t want to lose the trail, which is one of the big markets Madrid outdoor. To enjoy other aspects of Madrid ideally consult a travel guide which surely will have tips of lodging, transportation and attractions to enjoy the city to the full. While shopping you can visit the statue of Eloy Gonzalo, which is located in the center of the Plaza de Cascorro, this statue will indicate that it has reached the La Latina metro stop, be sure to bring your camera. If you want to buy luxury and designer clothes, calle Serrano is the place to be. Men love shopping in calle Princesa.

Both parties it can be reached by the metro. Don’t forget to visit the San Miguel market, which offers many small shops of fresh fruits, vegetables and many more items. Finally from a stroll through the Preciados Street, a commercial area that is only for pedestrians.

David L

David LChapelle, born in 1963, began to take photographies in the secondary school. At the age of 18 years, at the end of years 70, one moved of Carolina of the North until the part this of New York. Nowadays LChapelle still resides in the Great Apple, where I influence totally its photographic style where images of models and celebrities of an emaciated and real way are emphasized since he as any other young person crossed the suburbs, smoked marijuana and did everything what marks the people of its generation. In his photographies it is possible to be found very well all the style and fashion of past generations and, clearly, which influences to the present generations. The work of David LChapelle has been set out so much at national level as international.

Their publications include two books: LChapelle Land and LChapelle Hotel where their better artistic works can be appreciated. LChapelle is famous by their showy, outlandish, grotesque ones and empty pictures of the main celebrities of music and Hollywood, thus always affirm that it has dice everything in removing its art ahead, but now only takes photographies from the main artists of the world, like Mariah Carey and Lady Gaga. LChapelle as professional photographer is interested in creating in his images and graphical products different types of paradoxes between the celebrities and the life from the common one. By this raznsiempre shows the celebrities victims of the excesses, the disasters, glamour and the beauty. The critics have been during long time divided on their artistic and creative value. It has denominated ” the Fellini of fotografa” , because it always tries to expose to the celebrities to ironic and ridiculous pantomima in which one is to respresentar the true human and worldly value of those people who have everything in their hands.

But really the work of LChapelle is not due to consider specifically as it photographs fashionable, all their material and the photos of models are presented/displayed like true iconographic art by their irreverent assemblies, the graphical compositions and a language that is easy to understand and to include/understand by the people of common. This way, during the past few years, LChapelle has moved away of the commercial work to concentrate in the beautiful arts. While it maintains his visual style unique, this new direction as much puts in relief the interest and the understanding by the contemporary practice of the photography and the history of the art.

Why People Can Talk, But An Animal No ?

Language – is what defines our species and is distinguished from all other creatures that inhabit the globe. Since our birth language surrounds us on all sides. He perceived a commonplace and familiar, we are so easy to possess these instrument that barely notice it phenomenal. But if you think about it, the very nature of language is amazing. We can go to someone whom we do not know, say a sequence of sounds and to convey the idea from his head to head another person. This ability does not have any other creature on Earth. How and why we started to talk about? As able to develop such a complex and complete system of signals? Was it something innate to us as a species, or we acquired it in the course of evolution? And why we, the people – the only kind that is inherent in the ability to speak? All these questions that scientists are still looking for answers.

For example, Dr. Deb Roy of Massuchusetskogo University trying to find the answer to the question of the origin and language acquisition, has equipped his house under the "language laboratory" to conduct surveillance on his own newborn son. Since the appearance of it to light and to the period when the boy is 3 years old, a lot of cameras in the house records every sound, and later – every word uttered child. At the moment, the result of the experiment is a set of audio files that scientists only to be explored. Another long-term experiment lasted for seven years, just as the subject was a chimpanzee. Scientists from the fields of psychology and linguistics for seven years trying to teach chimpanzees wiki language, but not have achieved any success. Why do animals – even the closest relatives of man – can not speak? For years the dominant theory in this regard states that the inability of animals to reproduce complex sound system due to underdeveloped larynx, which have a slightly different structure that allows us to produce sounds. However, recent studies scholars, including an ultrasound scan of animals in the process of "vocalization", showed that this theory is not true.

It was found that the larynx of animals in product sounds (bark, moo or meow) operates in exactly the same as in humans, and can not be a hindrance ability to speak. Thus the reason that animals can not speak, not connected with anatomy of the larynx. Scientists have come to the conclusion that the reason is obvious, lies in the brain in fundamental differences in the brain of our species and other species. However, there are other opinions on this matter. Perhaps the inability of animals to communicate through a system of complex audio signals as we do, because their thinking is quite different from ours. Word – a designation of the subject. The proposal – an expression of thought. The human mind is more thinking, using abstraction and generalization, rather than specifically refers to the subjects. Animals do not possess such thinking, so they simply do not need sound system for the transmission of complex information. Like it or not, and how our ancestors learned to speak, all that remains to be seen. And now – an interesting resource about mastering foreign languages: – Free lessons for the study of a large number of foreign languages. Exercises for memorizing words. Sincerely, S. Vasilenko e-mail for communication: serg753 (dog) 'Universal Methods for Effective Mastering foreign languages! '- Master the language independently and effectively

New York

That is a question that many wouldn’t know how to answer. We know that we love travel, and many times would change that it was for the ability to break out of the routine and enjoy a new site, or revisiting one already known and loved. But it is difficult to know what exactly drives us to that. Perhaps the instinct of the conquest, which formerly man motivated to go practically in direction to the death by the mere possibility of reaching land far away and still ignored by the majority. Or maybe the fascination that feels in front of the unknown, of what is new and can be experienced for the first time. Or can even be said that the desire to stand out along with others, have different or more interesting experiences and thus stand out, as that leads some to buy more expensive cars than your budget allows you. We live an era in which up to memories become merchandise, and digital cameras generate a myriad of images that best be seen rarely, but they guarantee to the owner his pose, keeping them trapped more forcefully on a card than in its own memory.

It is difficult to know for sure, but we can affirm that nowadays travellers have it much easier that formerly. I do not know made lengthy trips on ships to reach the sites, unless they are pleasant and full of pampering cruises. You can find flights to New York without the need to even attend a travel agency, just by inserting the words into an internet search engine. Cheap flights to Madrid appear on all sides, defying anyone who possesses the heart traveller to leave your side routine and to pack for a new experience.